Board And Train Dog Training Programs

Board and Train Dog Training

 We offer Board and Trains as well. This program is limited to 2 dogs at a time so spots fill quickly. Board and Train packages are:


Our Board and Train programs allow us to board your beloved dog for the alloted time and really rehabilitate and get your dog’s obedience to the highest levels. Our board and train program takes place in our home so we know when we return your pup they will excel. Our board and train program is truly comprehensive, we will change your life with your dog. Our dog training board and train includes the following:

  1. All Commands (sit, down, stay, walk, come, place, off, leave it)
  2. Distraction training( other dogs and environments)
  3. Resolution to any problem behaviors
  4. Updates of all your Dog’s progress throughout the program
  5. Any Training tools or supplies

2 week Basic Dog Obedience Board and Train just on leash work and commands: 1700

Previous Clients 2 week Off Leash Board and Train: $1700

4 Week Ultimate obedience: $3,400

 6-8 Behavior Modification Board and Train: $4,200-5200

*10% Discount Given To Military, Police, and First Responders on all Dog Training Programs

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