Dog Behavior Modification

Dog Behavior Modification training

The Best Dog Training Behavior Modification program in the Lower Hudson Valley! There is Help for your dog!

Have other dog trainers told you that your dog’s behavior problems can only be managed? or that you should re-home, euthanize, or put your dog on medication? We don’t think any of these should be options of a good dog trainer. At Backcountry K-9 we will accurately diagnosis and rehabilitate your dog because we are here for you and your dog. We believe that all dogs can be successfully rehabilitated and are willing to prove just how dedicated we are to solving your problems with your dog. Our dog behavior modification program can get you back to the life you want to live with your dog. It includes:

  • The cost of our Dog Behavior Modification program includes cost of dog training tools included in our pricing and are discussed during our free evaluations(300 dollar value!)
  • 8 weeks of 1 hour sessions once a week
  • Travel to your home
  • Personalized treatment plan
  • Control of your dog in every situation
  • Improved communication and relationship with your dog

Our Backcountry K-9 Training dog behavior modification program for private lessons is for 8 weeks at a minimum but can be longer dependent on the severity of the dog behavior problem. We also offer our In-home training for Behavior Modification for 6-7 weeks dependent on behavior, for questions about what our in-home versus private lessons visit our obedience programs page. Common behaviors that we commonly see that are easily rehabilitated using our methods are:

  • Dog Food aggression
  • Dog Leash Aggression
  • Dog aggression to people
  • Fearful Dog
  • Inter-house dog aggression
  • and many more!

Our goal is to give our clients the dog they want and deserve. We also want the dog to be as successful as they can. We are not trainers who will come in and assert “dominance” or start jerking your dog around. We believe that dogs must learn all basic commands first and then work on proofing, distance, duration, and distractions. We believe that all dogs thrive with clear and consistent rules and leadership. This does not mean a rough approach, the best leaders are sometimes the least violent. Not only do we want to see our clients succeed, but we are confident that once we resolve the issues you are having in home they will not occur again.

All Inclusive Price: $1250

*10% Discount of program for Military, Police, and First Responders

All dog behavior problems are serious and should be given equal and undivided attention. Although some circumstances maybe dangerous for the dog and/or the family, we ask them to use our  911-Dog Program. We ask that those who do not believe their problem is threatening to the life of a human or dog to contact us for behavior modification. We will always return your inquires within 24 hours.

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