Dog Day Training

Forget Board and trains, Get your Dog Trained while you Work!

Dog Daycare

Are you tired of your dog learning bad behaviors from other dogs at a large scale dog daycare? Has your dog been kicked out of large dog daycares? Wouldn’t it be nice to get the energy burning benefits of daycare plus real dog training in their home environment? Look no further than our dog day training. 

With all of the negative experiences with board and trains now being seen in the industry, We thought there has to be a solution. With doing extensive research we have come up with our dog day training program. Day training allows for us to train your dog in their home environment and even take them to do in public work and other behavior solutions. This solves the issues of the dog only listening at the trainers facility and they have all the generalization done in their home. The added benefit is you do not have to send your dog away and get to see them everyday. Just because you have a busy work schedule does not mean your dog cant receive high quality training. 
We will come to your home and work with your dog for 1 hour and the client does have the option to book for more hours as well. 

The greatest benefit of using our dog day training program comes if paired with some private lessons that we offer so that you as the pet parent can learn and upkeep the behaviors we have been working on. There is constant communication between trainer and client as to what issues should be worked on and commands needed. 

 $75 (does not include travel cost if over 20 miles)
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