Dog Hiking Trips- Dog Walking

Have a High Energy Dog? Need Real Exercise For Your Dog While Your At Work? We Have A Service For You!

At Backcountry K-9 Training we realize you have a busy work schedule and sometimes your dog and their exercise needs cannot be met everyday. To help owners and their dogs we have started our Dog Hiking Trips program! This is a truly fun program we are so excited to offer. Unlike most dog walkers or dog walking companies where your dog gets a nice walk around the neighborhood or just gets let out to go to the bathroom. That is not what we are all about. Our program includes:

  • 2 hour Trips to local hiking trails to truly get exercise for your dog
  • Different places to keep your dog stimulated mentally as well as physically
  • Under the control of a Certified Dog Trainer, not just a dog walker
  • Ability to get some training in for your dog and work on walking manners
  • Pickup and drop-off
  • Controlled socialization with dogs and people

Our program truly embodies the Backcountry K-9 Training spirit. This service is extremely specialized and because of this we can only take 1-2 dogs at a time per day. We want your dog to get the attention they desire as well as work on their hiking skills. Due to the demand of hiking, we need to make sure your vet says your dog is able to handle hiking and strenuous exercise. This program is only open to those who have completed Basic, Advanced or off-leash training with us. Non-training clients still can sign up for this program but dog must be evaluated in order to ensure safety of other dogs and people on trails. If you want your dog off-leash and their recall is not very good, we will recommend going through one of our programs. As always with any outdoor adventure safety is our number one priority! The cost of this service is $100 per hike which about 2 hours of on trail time. Space and time are limited so contact us! We want to show your dog the amazing trails that this wonderful area has to offer and allow you peace of mind that your pup is healthy, happy and tired while your busy working to give them the best life ever! This service is available to our normal service area of in NY and CT: Fairfield CT, Westchester NY, Sullivan NY, Putnam NY, Dutchess NY, Rockland NY, Orange NY.

Want us to take your dog on a hike while you are on vacation?

We have formed a relationship with the beautiful Springhill Kennels in Katonah NY. We can offer our clients the service to be able to take your dog out of the kennels while your are gone and take them for a hike or do some brush-up on their training. This way your dog gets the most out of their stay! The price for this service is the normal 50 dollars per time we take them during their stay. Normal boarding rates set by Springhill kennel still apply.

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