Dog Trainer Poughkeepsie NY

Dog trainer in Poughkeepsie NY

Meet one of our amazing clients in Poughkeepsie NY!

Meet Daisy!  Daisy is a rescued hound mix from down south, her owners decided to give us a call when they first got Daisy to help with her transition into their home. With our background in rescue dogs and experience with different canine personalities we were a perfect fit as a dog trainer in Poughkeepsie NY for this amazing dog. Daisy also has some resource guarding which we helped with as well. Daisy was apart of our basic obedience program which is 5 weeks long and encompasses teaching her all her basic commands and then teaching her that they are not optional. Some specific goals that we had for Daisy where to help with her walks, she was a very bad puller and being a hound mix she always had her nose to the ground and did not walk nicely on the leash. Daisy also had a fascination with cars, planes, other dogs, and pretty much any animal she would come across. Not only did we restore peaceful walks  for her human family but also worked on creating a calmer state of mind for Daisy so she was not always at a high level of intensity. We accomplished this by giving Daisy more exercise, this included longer walks, and teaching her the treadmill! Daisy absolutely loved the treadmill it was like she had been on it her whole entire life. The treadmill is both mentally and physically stimulating to a dog which gives them the ultimate workout. We are happy to say that we truly improved the communication between Daisy and her forever family because every dog no matter their start, behavior or any incidents deserves the chance at a long and fulfilling life.

If you are interested in a dog trainer in Poughkeepsie NY and want to bring harmony to your household, please feel free to view the rest of our website! We have a multitude of programs and services that will be able to fit your needs. We want to hear from you and anyway we can help your four-legged friend. We also offer free consultations which allow for potential clients to meet us and hear about what our plan would be for your dog. We always say it is important to connect with and buy into the plan your dog trainer prescribes because this will ensure success for your dog! If you wish to contact us click here.

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