Dog Training And Behavior Seminars

Dog Training and Behavior Seminars

We offer Multiple types of Innovative Dog Training and Behavior Seminars!

At Backcountry K-9 Training We believe that one of the most important ways to help our society with our dogs is to go out into the community and share knowledge. That is why we offer many different seminars that are open to your community. Our Head Trainer Josh Abolt is an extremely engaging public speaker who loves to talk about dog training, behavior, and helping people. Sharing knowledge is extremely important so that those in our world can learn more about dogs and their behavior. We do not lecture you about how you should be treating your dog or go through a boring presentations with information no one wants to sit through. We tailor each seminar to meet the organization and topics in which we are discussing. There are so many different ways we can come to your community to help. Some of our more popular seminars:

  • School visits¬†– Where do we start in our world with proper dog ownership and education? Our Youth! That is why we love going to different schools and talk to kids about dogs and when it is appropriate to pet a dog, how to act around a new dog, etc. We also talk about proper dog ownership such as never abusing, hitting, kicking your dog, proper grooming and care. It all start with kids and making them hold adults responsible to caring for their properly so we can a great community of dog lovers who know the proper care of their dog. Schools are free to come up with their own program we can work around as well such as career days, and different topics.
  • Shelter seminars- Due to our extensive background and care for shelter dogs, this an extremely important seminar that we offer to animal shelters. Our animal shelter seminars¬† focus on knowing dog body language, Dog Behavior, Dog training, Proper dog evaluations, you name it! These are usually a full day or two depending on the shelter and location. Some animal shelters seminars are just lecture and no hands on or both. The goals of our animal shelter seminars is to empower shelter caregivers to handle harder dogs and be safe. We want to see lower euthanasia rates for common dog behavior problems such as arousal, dog aggression, resource guarding, etc. Our shelter seminar program is very flexible and topics are pre-arranged with the shelter and we will send you an outline to approve before we begin making the presentations. We make every seminar presentation by scratch because no shelter is the same.
  • Community events- Have a town meeting, dog park opening, or have dog related issues in your community? We are here for you! One of our most popular community events is in low-income areas we will come and give free dog training advice and help those who maybe feel like they have no help. We also love to talk dog body language and signals of escalation in dog play at your local dog park opening. We can help you community and bring a new in depth knowledge form a professional dog trainer.

Have a different Idea then what is listed? We are open and willing to hear your idea! We want to help our communities in any way possible! Due to the differences in seminars we do not post pricing for them, we love to talk first to get more details in order to give a true estimate. Please contact us for a seminar in your community today!

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