Dog Training Wappingers Falls NY

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Dog Training Wappingers Falls NY

This extremely handsome man is Chaos! Chaos is a young male Rottweiler who needed a dog trainer who knew exactly how to work and motivate this extremely powerful breed. His owners made the perfect decision to choose Backcountry K-9 Training to help train Chaos when another trainer did not want to train him previously. Knowing our background and our comfort with any dog, Chaos was enrolled in our Advanced Obedience program for 8 weeks which involves our on leash and off leash training.

As always our dog training in Wappingers Falls NY and all clients starts with baiting and luring. We had to teach Chaos the exact positions we wanted him in. Chaos was also getting to a very critical age in his development especially in big powerful breeds like Rottweilers which is around 10 months to 1-year-old. What happens around this age is they become more independent and grow into their behaviors. We had to be very sure we were telling Chaos what dog behaviors were acceptable and which were unacceptable. Some behaviors that were unacceptable with a dog of that size where his jumping, over-arousal, mouthing. What was the BIG need for Chaos’s family? To have him be advanced in his obedience but maintain his goofy, very friendly personality. The family had this breed for years and wanted to finally have the perfect ambassador for the breed, which is also why they chose Backcountry K-9 Training for their dog training in Wappingers Falls NY. We believe that all dogs should be friendly or at least have the ability to be social, but be controlled in social situations.

I am Happy to Report that we achieved all of our dog training goals for Chaos! He is a great ambassador for a bully breed, but is also proof of dedicated clients who follow our program achieve the exact results they want!

Are You Ready For The Right Dog Training In Wappingers Falls NY?

At Backcountry K-9 Training we do not shy away from any dog breed with any problem. With Our qualifications we can achieve the results any clients wants with their dog. All it takes is making the first move in Contacting us. Remember the first visit is your FREE evaluation, this allows you to see if we are indeed the perfect trainer for your dog training needs in Wappingers Falls NY.


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