Personal Protection K-9 Training and Police K-9 Training

We Offer Specialty K-9 Training for  Personal Protection and Police K-9


Personal Protection K-9’s: Looking to protect your family and property? 

Another Inquiry in which we take very seriously. Personal protection dogs are high drive, working dogs who are highly trained to perform home and vehicle protection along with handler protection. Protection dogs should be proficient in many different area and MUST be under control at all times. Contrary to many beliefs personal protection dogs should be social unless suspicious or told to alert. These are not junk-yard dogs! Handler ability plays a role in the upkeep and training of a protection dog, we will also help with this as well with regular training maintenance sessions. This service also requires training that is away from home at some point in the dogs development.For more information, if you are looking for personal protection dog training please contact us to discuss your needs and pricing. 

Private Drug Detection NY

Police K-9 Work:

After being around some of the best working k-9’s in the world, we are able to bring that highly specialized skill to help out local Police Departments with their K-9’s. We offer help with single, dual purpose k-9’s as well as basic odor theory. In order to demonstrate our skill we have a fully trained Dual Purpose narcotic K-9 demo dog Dallas.


Decoy Work: Need a good decoy to work your Police K-9, Sport Dog or Personal Protection Dog? We can help!

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