Specialty Dog Training

We Offer Specialty K-9 Training for Service Dog, Protections Dog, Police K-9 Training

Service Dog Training:

We take service dog inquires and the training of service dogs extremely serious here at Backcountry K-9 Training. Before we agree to train your dog as your service dog we need to come and do an evaluation to see if the dog has the right temperament to be a service dog. Clients must be ready for personal questions because we need to make sure you fit the ADA law of someone who needs or would benefit form a service dog. We are saddened by all the “fake” and untrained service dogs who are out there in the news biting people on commercial airline flights and out in public. Under federal ADA law a person is allowed to have a service dog if they have a medically diagnosed illness or disability in which a dog would help to mitigate that person or child’s disability. If the dog does not meet those rules you do not qualify for a service dog. If you have questions about our qualifications for service dog training visit the about page.

Our first meeting is around 1-2 hours long. In this meeting we either evaluate the dog you may already have or talk about what dogs you may want to acquire. We also need to see doctors diagnosis and make sure you qualify for a service dog. There are many different kinds of service dogs our there and because of this we cannot accurately put a price on our service dog training due to the fact that some take longer to train then others. A service dog must have great obedience, socialization, and perform tasks. These all take time and persistence. The timeline to train your service dog is about 4-12 months varying on many factors. We will work with clients about how their service dog will be trained, We recommend at least 2 sessions a week. Also at some point the trainer will have to take the dog for an agreed upon amount of time to fine tune the tasks and make sure the dog is up to true service dog standards. We are not going to tell you that with just one lesson a week for 8 weeks and you will have a service dog, this is a sad reality in the industry. Service dog training requires a lot of patience, skill, problem solving.

Personal Protection Dog

Personal Protection K-9’s:

Another Inquiry in which we take very seriously. Personal protection dogs are high drive, working dogs who are highly trained to perform home and vehicle protection along with handler protection. Protection dogs should be proficient in many different area and MUST be under control at all times. Contrary to many beliefs personal protection dogs should be social unless suspicious or told to alert. These are not junk-yard dogs! Handler ability plays a major role in the upkeep and training of a protection dog. This service also requires training that is away from home at some point in the dogs development.For more information, if you are looking for personal protection dog training please contact us to discuss your needs and pricing. 

Private Drug Detection NY

Police K-9 Work:

After being around some of the best working k-9’s in the world, we are able to bring that highly specialized skill to help out local Police Departments with their K-9’s. We offer help with single, dual purpose k-9’s as well as basic odor theory. In order to demonstrate our skill we have a fully trained Dual Purpose narcotic K-9 demo dog Dallas.


Decoy Work: Need a good decoy to work your Police K-9, Sport Dog or Personal Protection Dog? We can help!

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