Frustrated With Your Dog?

While owning and training your dog can be extremely fulfilling and rewarding, it can also be extremely frustrating but why?

Your put hours into caring, walking, feeding and training your dog. You may have even spent loads of money on what you thought was a great trainer only to be left with the same problems. Your dog does not, walk well on leash if conditions are not perfect, they will not come when called, or perform without food present. This become extremely frustrating to the point where you begin to walk your dog less, or train less because you’re not getting anywhere. This scenario is becoming all too common, how can you get back on the right path?

Your Dog Knows your frustrated

That is, right! Your dog can pickup on your frustration. They know your tense and not relaxed, that means they know something is going on, it makes them think. When your frustrated you also do not praise your dog or even tend to get angry at your dog. This leads to the dog learning that obedience is not fun and you’re not engaging. If you keep it fun, you will be more relaxed, and your dog will begin to respond much better.

Find a dog trainer who can help you

If you’re so frustrated and you are extremely lost in your dogs training, find a dog trainer who can help you achieve the goals you want for your dog. Make sure you find a dog trainer for knows how to handle your dog and can deliver on all your expectations. Be careful about your “pop-up” dog trainers who suddenly wake-up one day and decide to be a dog trainer. Look for trainers who have dedicated their lives to this field.

Make sure you reward the little things

When we get frustrated with our dog we tend to forget about the little things that our dogs do that we can reward. For example, if your dog is crazy and will not settle you can’t get them to settle and then when the dog finally settles down you ignore them. Now your dog realizes that settling down gets them ignored. Not the interaction¬†and praise that they want. So remember when your dog does little behaviors that are much better then other behaviors they may perform, give them a “good” and make sure they know that is exactly what you are looking for.


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