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Getting the right dog trainer is so important to the life of your dog. Do not settle for a “pop-up” trainer who just decided to become a dog trainer. We have dedicated our lives to dog training though education and working under the best dog trainers in the industry!

What Makes Backcountry K-9 Training Different from Other Trainers in the Area?

Here at Backcountry K-9 Training we are different from other trainers and services for a multitude of reasons. First is that we offer so many different services to our clients and training options, if theres is a dog training program you want chances are that we offer it. We also offer the only Mountain bike dogs program in the area along with other outdoor dog training for hiking and any other outdoor adventure with your canine companion. Second, we are not a chain training company trying to force one style of training, we believe that all dogs are individuals and should be treated as such. What is most important to us is our clients and their dogs. We want our clients to feel as though they are not just getting a dog trainer but also a person who is able to provide them with resources and become part of a close group. To create this atmosphere we have our Backcountry K-9 Outing Adventures in which we invite clients to come use their training in real world situations under Josh’s supervision. With these outings come the ability to meet other clients and share progress. This can be extremely motivating and important to our clients to have goals in mind and see they can always be training and pushing to that next level. We are not those trainers that say ” I train dogs because I hate people”, we believe that is not a good quality in a dog trainer, our philosophy is to help people and their dogs. We want our clients to be invested with us and we want to be invested in our clients success. We believe a good dog trainer is very personable and outgoing who is easy to talk and connect with.

Our Training Philosophy

At Backcountry K-9 Training we have the training view that all dogs are individuals and will be treated as such. We do not believe in one specific method but incorporate all styles to give our clients the best, most effective and humane dog training in the area. We believe that a good dog trainer possesses the skill and knowledge of all training methodologies and beliefs in order to adapt to a dogs needs. It is all about the dog! We are here for the dog, we want your dog to have fun and succeed. All tools we use are used in a specific and humane manner, we do not believe in the dominance or alpha dog training, but that dogs thrive with clear rules and expectations that commands will be followed. We follow the basic principles of Operant conditioning in order to achieve the best results for your dog. Our belief is that training should be fun, energetic and engaging for your dog, we do not want to see scared dogs or robots. We believe in our own 95-5 model, which also uses your dogs personality to make them successful. We never correct a dog for something they do not fully know, doing this creates fear and confusion in a dog. We explain all our thinking and different training techniques to our clients. Overall our goal is to build the ultimate relationship with your dog and bring clear expectations that the dog needs to listen and good things happen when they do! Our whole method comes from our love of our own dogs and wanting them to be with us all the time, while at the same time being safe and knowing we can control them in any situation that may occur. Backcountry K-9 Training welcomes questions from anyone and we will answer anything you may want to know either over the phone, email or during the free consultation.



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