Private Lesson In-Home Dog Training Programs

We Offer Multiple Unique Dog Training options to Our Clients, Don’t Just Train Your Dog Build a unbreakable bond! Start Building Your Backcountry K-9 Team Today!

Backcountry K-9 Training offers different dog training programs from basic dog obedience to advanced dog obedience. Besides basic and advanced obedience we also offer Behavior Modification for aggression, fear, etc. Also Group Classes which allow clients to train their dogs in a group setting. Let us not forget our great puppy training(bottom of page) that creates well rounded and confident dogs ready for any situation. All of our individualized dog training packages include:

  • Sit, down, stay, come, heel, leave it, off, place
  • Travel to your home
  • Optional out in public (real world) session(s)
  • Individual plan for each client
  • Cost of tools that client gets to keep(300 dollar value)
  • Control our your dog in every situation
  • Improved communication and relationship with your dog, create an unbreakable bond with your dog

*10% Discount Given To Military, Police, and First Responders on all Dog Training Programs

Private Lesson Packages:


Our 5 Week Basic Dog Obedience Private Lesson Training Package includes:

  • 5 one hour sessions
  • All commands
  • Precise on leash control and walking
  • Socialization outings in crowded downtowns or streets- Make sure your dog is obedient in all situations
  • Personalized Training Plan
  • Travel to you home and other locations

All Inclusive Price: $600

Our 8 Week Private Lesson Ultimate Backcountry K-9 Obedience Training Package includes:

  • Everything in the basic obedience package
  • 8 one hour sessions
  • All commands done off leash
  • Personalized training plan
  • 100% off leash recall guaranteed
  • More sessions for the client to personalize with trainer
  • Dog is ready to accompany owner in any situation
  • All training tools included in pricing!
  • Includes Dogtra 280c!

All Inclusive Price: $1150

For dogs who have had Previous Obedience Training We Offer Our 4 week Trail K-9 Off-leash Private lesson Training Course:

  • Dog must know basic commands
  • 4 one hour sessions
  • Proves knowledge of basic commands during Free Evaluation
  • Clients will have full off leash control in 4 weeks- ready to hit the trails
  • Designed for people who are avid hikers, park goers
  •  Includes 4 sessions along with training tools which are again discussed at your evaluation
  • 100% guaranteed recall when called
  • Includes Dogtra 280c!

All Inclusive Price: $750

*10% Discount Given To Military, Police, and First Responders on all Dog Training Programs

Dog Already Trained, But Want To Improve The Dog Training You Already received?

We offer session packages for dogs who have already completed training with other trainers but want to improve the training they already received. The length and details are discussed during the evaluation! If you have more questions about this program feel free to contact us.

We offer Dog Socialization is one of the biggest keys to giving your dog the life they deserve!

At Backcountry K-9 Training we also believe that all dogs should be socialized as puppies and as adults that is why in our training programs, socialization is always one of the lessons. Every dog should be comfortable in any environment in which they may be thrown into. We also want to give owners the knowledge and tools to feel confident in their dog in any situation. We also want our socialization to be fun and positive for the dog. Live the life you and your dog deserve!

Our Puppy Training program is unbeatable and can create truly social puppies

Puppy training is crucial to begin as early as possible because many owners have a certain dream of what owning a puppy will be only to find that their puppy is chewing, biting,  not house trained and owners feel overwhelmed and feeling as though they cannot solve these problems alone. We are here for puppies and their parents. Our puppy training program is for puppies under 5 months old because at 5 months a puppy can go through our basic and advanced obedience programs. The program includes so many different facets of life with a puppy:

  • Socialization- We believe that socialization is key to healthy development of a puppy. This is more then meeting new people, dogs. It is also environmental and getting used to many new places and smells.
  • Foundation obedience- Puppies can begin to learn at 8 weeks of age. Puppy-hood is great time to begin teaching the foundation behaviors such as sit, down, stay, place, come. It must be kept fun and positive for puppies to make them want to move onto more advanced obedience once they hit the age of 4 months old.
  • 5 one hour sessions
  • House-training help- We realize that house-training is very important to owning a puppy but can also be the most frustrating, but don’t worry we will be there for you with tips and tricks to house-train your puppy.
  • Help with unwanted puppy behavior such as chewing and biting.

The program lasts 5 weeks, once a week. It is an investment in the future of your puppy and future Backcountry K-9 adventure buddy.

All Inclusive Price: $500

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