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About us

Welcome to Backcountry K-9 the most comprehensive and dedicated dog training company in the Hudson Valley, NY. Located on the border of Westchester and Putnam counties gives Backcountry K-9 a great location to offer our amazing services to NY, CT. Here at Backcountry K-9 there is a notable difference in the way we go about our relationships with clients and their dogs. Take a look and see for yourself what the difference is between your ordinary dog trainers and Backcountry K-9. Also meet our owner and head dog trainer Josh Abolt.

Dog Digging- Needs training

Our Dog Training Programs

Why settle for regular dog training when you can be building a unbreakable relationship with your dog? Backcountry K-9 Training offers some of the most fun ,energetic and effective dog training in NY,CT. We have a multitude of dog training options to find the best program for you. Our methods are not only proven to work but will also give you, the client, the tools to maintain your dog’s new good behavior. All training is personalized to each client because all dogs are individuals. Our training is fun, engaging and teaches us how to communicate effectively with our dogs. We also offer FREE consultations to all clients. We treat your dog like they were are own and our clients become part of our family. See what the Backcountry K-9 Training difference is, we will not disappoint!

Dog Aggression Help

Dog Behavior Modification

Have other trainers told you to medicate, re-home, or just manage your dogs behavior? At Backcountry K-9 Training, LLC we are determined to show you that we are not just another trainer with our Behavior Modification program. Our program tackles many different aggressive dog behaviors or other problems that owner may be having with their dogs that are not covered by regular dog obedience training. We are committed to showing that all dogs can be rehabilitated and become great members of the human and canine societies! We do not give up on your dog, we will rehabilitate your dog. Your dog deserves the chance to be the companion you always wanted! As always your consultation and training plan are yours for free!

Companies That Sponsor Backcountry K-9 Training

We offer our Dog Training services to the following Counties in NY and CT: Fairfield CT, Westchester NY, Sullivan NY, Putnam NY, Dutchess NY, Rockland NY, Orange NY