Group Dog Training Classes

We offer One of a kind Group Dog Training Classes that stay true to the Backcountry K-9 Training Brand

In our plans to change the way we are training, we want to abandon the boring indoor dog group class where everything is structured and and problems are not being solved and clients are not getting one on one attention. Our group dog training classes take place outside in many different locations.The locations are usually parks in the lower Hudson valley area. Some group classes we offer are:

  • Basic Manners($120 per dog) 4 weeks: focuses on dogs learning the basic commands and loose leash walking.
  • Off-leash Backcountry Buds($300 per dog) 5 weeks: This group class is only open to those who have completed basic manners group and focuses on being off leash with our dogs and being safe for the dog and the nature around them. There is an additional cost for this class as well.

We regularly post about what group classes are being offered and where we will be meeting on our Facebook Page . Hurry space is limited in classes to a minimum of 5 dogs and a max of 7 dogs. More information about pricing and what the class includes is available by Contacting us.

Have  A Group Of Friends That Want Group Dog Training?

We offer a make your own group class to those who have a group of friends that want a personal group class hosted in their area. The minimum is 5 dogs, price depends on what clients want to cover in their group classes. These can be extremely fun and a way to get your friends and their dogs training to make for a better neighborhood. If you are interested in this service please contact us to begin setting up your group class!


We Also Offer AKC Canine Good Citizen and STAR Puppy Classes

We are proud to offer two amazing programs from the American Kennel Club. The Canine Good Citizen(CGC) and STAR Puppy programs and tests. To find out about the CGC and STAR Puppy Programs click here to read about them. Both programs require a minimum of 5 participants and 7 participants max. The STAR puppy training program involves:

  • Dog under 1 years of age
  • 7 weeks of training/evaluation (first class is no dogs)
  • $99 per dog, does not include the AKC Fees that owners must pay directly to AKC which are 10 dollars
  • Price is non-refundable whether dog passes or fails testing
  • Classes involve: socialization, training, and proper instruction on responsibility and raising of your puppy.
  • Great start to show your puppy is on the path to being a good citizen

The next level of the program is the famous Canine Good Citizen testing and training class. This includes:

  • 8 weeks of class (first class is no dogs)
  • Testing done on last week of class
  • $125 per dog for program non refundable, which does not include $10 exam fees in which clients must pay directly to AKC
  • Great for those who want to show insurance company or apartments that their dog is well trained and under control
  • 10 items dog must pass
  • Guidance every week in preparation and training for the exam

Both classes are held outdoors or at an indoor location if weather does not cooperate. If you have any questions or to sign up for upcoming classes/testing contact us

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