Free Evaluations and Consultations


At Backcountry K-9 Training one of our biggest belief is that evaluations and consultation should be free. We want to make sure we are the perfect fit for you and your canine companions.  In order to make sure we are the perfect dog trainer for you and pup, we believe our free evaluations allow us to offer our insight to potential clients as well as allow us to show why we are the best for them. We also use the free evaluation to see if this clients fits us as well. 


How Does The Free Evaluation Work?

This is how the free evaluation works. All we need is for potential clients to contact us. Then we will discuss when we have openings for evaluations and if those times work for the client. Once the evaluation is set up we will go to our client’s homes as with all our dog training to observe and evaluate the behavior. We will also go through your dogs background and many questions to try and get to the bottom of the behavior. For dogs with aggression we try to observe the behavior, but as safe as possible so that no trainers or dogs (if evaluating dog aggression cases) get injured.


What Happens After The Free Evaluation?

After the free evaluation we will write up a free training plan for your pup. The training plan is an overview of our plan to fixed the problem behaviors or how we will be going about obedience training. We do not write training plans for puppies because puppy’s behavior is extremely fluid and changing all the time. Once the client receives there training plan they can set up heir first session and begin the training. Invoices for payment are sent after the first session of training. Along with the training plan we also send our training agreement for clients ti read and sign.


We do all of this because in our firm belief in full disclosure, we want our clients to know exactly what our plan is for their beloved companion. We believe this openness and dedication separates us form other dog trainers.

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