Dog Training Brookfield CT

Meet Some Of Our Amazing Clients In Brookfield, CT!

Dog Training Brookfield CT

One of our dog training clients in Brookfield CT is Jax! Jax’s story is near and dear to my heart. Jax is not you average handsome Czech Shepherd he is actually a medically discharged former police K9 who was discharged due to a problem in his elbow. Jax was a dual purpose police dog which is a dog that is trained in both detection and apprehension of suspects. Dogs who are in this kind of job are very intense and high drive. Not knowing what to do with Jax, as a last resort his mom adopted him after she heard about him. She was not prepared for what she about to encounter.

Jax had never been house trained and had a ton of drive and had to be given jobs to do in order to prevent him tearing apart her house. Jax’s mom scheduled an evaluation with us for our dog Behavior Modification Program. Upon evaluation we believed Jax could be made into an amazing dog and just needed help controlling his impulses and adjusting to his new civilian life. When we were done Jax’s mom admitted to having other trainers scheduled for evaluations, but later called and told us that Jax had decided he did not want another trainer and she cancelled her other meetings and began her dog training program with us.

Jax was extremely smart as you could imagine and our first task was to switch his commands from german to english. It was not practical for his mom to remember all the commands in a language she will never use. So we began to re-teach Jax his commands using the english words. This was easy for Jax because he already knew his positions. Then we began fine tuning Jax’s commands and working on impulse control. This was done by teaching him that commands were not optional and had to be followed while allowing his mom more control over him. We did this by teaching a really strong “leave it” as well as tackling his jumping and anxiety about being left alone.

He had already torn through one crate. We were slowing Jax’s brain and allowing him to relax and enjoy the world around him and not always be on the go. A big moment in Jax’s training was when we used our Bella to introduce Jax to his first dog friend. Jax had never been around other dogs before due to his background and needed help learning how to be a dog around other dogs. Bella(our helper dog) Helped teach Jax manners and how to invite other dogs to play.

Together with our dog training program in Brookfield CT and Jax’s mom working very hard we were able to save Jax and give him a normal life. Jax now loves his life and is completely under control and is even Instagram famous @k9dropout_jax! Jax is a very special dog to Backcountry K-9 Training because he is a dog that truly needed our knowledge and abilities in order to rehabilitate him.

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If you have a dog that needs a true dog training professional, please contact us! We will help you give your dog a normal life that you thought was impossible. There is help for any dog, never give up!


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