Dog Training Scarsdale NY

Dog training Scarsdale

Meet one of our Amazing Puppy Training Clients!

This cutie is Liz! Liz is a purebred Rhodesian Ridgeback that has gone through our unbeatable dog training program in scarsdale NY! Being a powerful breed brings a lot of importance to the puppy stage. We want to make sure Liz is crate training, knows some basic commands, and is social with everyone including other dogs. Liz is an extremely smart pup who wants to work and please whoever is working with her. Liz went through our dog training in Scarsdale NY without a hitch! She was leaning commands well and caught on very quickly. One aspect that we had not covered much was her canine socialization. Liz had limited access to other dogs due to many factors. Following our motto of being dedicated to our clients we arranged for a puppy party for Liz! We used our normal helper dog Bella and a fellow puppy that we had been training. This allowed Liz to not miss out on key socialization time and we soon got her ready for the world! Liz is a great example of building a strong foundation that will help build the rest of your dog’s life as they grow up and go through more advanced obedience. Stay tuned for updates on Liz as she continues with more advanced dog training in Scarsdale NY with us! Our puppy program focus not only on obedience but all the major aspects of raising a puppy from proper exercise and care to socialization. Don’t get behind this crucial time for your puppy!

Are You Ready For The Right Dog Training in Scarsdale NY?

At Backcountry K-9 Training we are not just your ordinary dog trainer because we truly want the best for our clients and their dogs for their entire lives. We have a multitude of different programs that ensure your dog will continue with us whether it be training or hiking trips! We invite you to learn more about us through our website and learn about how we can help you and your dog. Everything including prices is on the website because we do not believe in hiding anything from our clients. If you want to contact us please click here. It is a call you wont regret, we offer free evaluations which allow you to meet us and make sure we are the perfect dog trainer for you and your dog. Picking a dog trainer is not a decision that should be taken lightly and we agree, please ask us anything