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Meet One Of Our Dog Obedience Clients in Poughkeepsie Ny!

This handsome man is Nash! Nash’s mom decided to call us for dog training in Poughkeepsie  NY, when Nash became increasingly reactive towards other dogs on the leash. He would pull, lunge and bark at other dogs. While he was very good with other dogs off leash and goes  daycare, the problem was escalating on the leash. Nash was rescued by his mom from New York Animal Care and Control when he was around 5-6 months old. He is a very loving and funny dog who just needed some help overcoming these new reactivity problems. The problem had a new urgency when Nash also began reacting to basketballs. You can imagine how hard it is to take your dog on a nice walk through the park when he will react to dogs or basketballs.

We worked very hard to get Nash to learn to relax on the leash and just follow where his mom goes and ignore distractions. We first started out by making sure Nash was sure of his basic commands. That way we know when we ask him to perform a command we are sure he understands what we are asking from him. Then we began improving the communication on walks between Nash and his mom on the other end of the leash. This allowed Nash to understand what we wanted of him while walking and that he had to listen to his basic commands even with distractions. This included a couple of sessions with the famous helper dog Bella who is the rescued dog of the owner of Backcountry K-9 Training. Bella allowed us to allow Nash to interact with a dog who would allow him to be himself and correct him for bad social play or being too rough. Nash went through our 5 week basic obedience course. Now Nash can walk through the city and parks like a good citizen and his mom can have to confidence to bring him into any situation.

Are Your Ready For The Right Dog Training in Poughkeepsie NY?

These are the results we achieve through our individual and dedicated training programs with our clients. We are not an ordinary dog trainer we are invested in our clients success and also offer a multitude of programs to find the perfect one for your dog training needs. If you have any questions about our dog training philosophy or want to schedule a free evaluation with us so we can prove to you why we are different please contact us.

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