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Dog training in Greenwich CT

Meet Stella! Stella is a two-year old rescue from the south who’s loving family took her into their home to be her forever family. There was one problem, Stella wanted nothing to do with them and would have accidents in the house or would not want to be with them even after a couple of months. The family tried to bond with Stella by taking her to dog trick classes in they local area of Millbrook NY , but although stella learned new tricks it really was not helping with heir bond with her. The family also noticed that stella had a very high drive to chase anything that move. They had always wanted the perfect off leash dog to do frisbee with and run around in their family. Knowing the goals they had in mind and the track record for Backcountry K-9 Training in increasing bonds between people and their dogs they decided to sign up for our advanced obedience program. This is our 8 week intensive on leash and off leash obedience course.

Through the program we worked extremely hard to create a strong bond between the family and their adopted dog. We started by hand feeding Stella all her meals in order to get her to come to us when she ate and create that natural bond. The true game changer for Stella was introducing her the right, fun way to the prong collar. A tool that is so misconceived made this family have the dog they always wanted. The kids could confidently walk her and began to do much more obedience with her. The collar even with our guidance helped improve communication and stella no longer barked at people or dogs on walks. Stella even began wanting to hang out with her family, she began sleeping in bed with the kids. She began being the perfect family dog they always wanted. She had made a complete transformation by following our individualized training program and following through. The biggest part of the program was that the family wanted to have complete off-leash control, but were told this might not be possible due to her prey drive. Well, we changed that! Stella can be seen running off leash on her e-collar and having a blast:

Do you want Dog Training in Greenwich CT?

Stella is now able to run around and be the dog her family has always dreamed! Is this what usually happens when you make the right decision to choose Backcountry K-9 Training for your dog training in Greenwich CT? Of course! We are dedicated to giving clients the results they want and need. We believe in being able to do everything you want with your dog. We also believe in never giving up on your dog. Every dog training story starts with the free evaluations. In this evaluation we will set your goals for training and how we will reach those goals. If your ready to take the leap contact us!

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