Dog Training Patterson NY

Dog Training Patterson NY

Meet One of Our Dog Training In Patterson NY Clients

This handsome young man is Goliath! Goliath came to us after having developing some serious behavior issues that could not be solved by other dog trainers in Patterson NY. Goliath had been to other dog trainers area to some help, but Goliath needed more. Then his family found us at Backcountry K-9 Training who proudly serves dog training in Patterson NY. 

We began by creating engagement with Goliath and teaching him the commands that he needed to know in order to make him successful. These commands are “leave it” and “place” among the usual sit, down, come, stay. We also focused on Goliath’s state of mind as well, he was very hyperactive and needed to learn how to relax. This all started with leash walking and commands on the walk with no distraction present. We focused on the foundation of having a strong relationship in order to be successful in the future.

Once our foundation was solid we began introducing Goliath to other dogs and triggers! We could not be more proud of Goliath and our dog training in Patterson NY clients. If you are struggling with your dog and looking for real dog training with real results along with an improvement in your relationship with your dog? Contact us!

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