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Mountain Bike Dog Training

Mountain Bike Dog Training

Our one of a kind outdoor dog training program we offer at Backcountry K-9 Training is our mountain bike dog training program. Mountain Biking is an extremely popular activity in the with a need for specialty dog training in Westchester, Putnam and Dutchess counties in New York. Mountain Bikers are people who enjoy being outdoors with a thrill and cardiovascular exercise. What is one common aspect between Mountain Bikers, most have dogs! After talking to many riders most choose days to ride and others to go run or hike with their beloved canine companions. Our Question to those riders is, why not have your dog be able to do both? We believe that there should not have to be a choice or riding for your pleasure and then picking another day to do another activity with your dog.At Backcountry K-9 we will give you the skills and tools to turn your best friend into the ultimate mountain bike dog. Before considering training your dog for mountain biking we require veterinary approval that the dog is in good health and handle intense cardiovascular and motor exercise. Similar to the trailing dogs, our mountain bike dogs program is a very intensive training process that may not be suitable for in home lessons for most people we offer this dog training in home through private lessons. The end goal of this training process is to have your dog running right next to or close behind your bike off leash as you ride. To learn more about our process and options click here.


Outdoor Adventure Outings

WOOOO HOOOO!!! Your dog is now completed Backcountry K-9 Training! But Now What? We ask so much of our dogs for all the training we do and we ask a lot of ourselves as well whether it be putting in the time in a busy schedule or getting the finances to afford training. At Backcountry K-9 Training we did not like how some trainers train your dog and never show you the amazing things your dog can now do and the adventures and freedom your dog can now enjoy. Remember no dog wants to be exploring the woods with a leash! That is why we created our Backcountry K-9 Training outings where we allow our clients to all gather at a trailhead with one of our trainers and see what your dog is now capable of. The benefits of these outings are that it allows your as the owner to be under the supervision of a trainer as your embark on your first backcountry adventure. We will be able to walk your through a lot of the nuances you will see that we might not be able to simulate during lessons. This eases the clients more and allows them to be relaxed and focus on how well their dog is doing and what an amazing experience it is. Another benefit of this service is that it allows clients to meet and talk to one another about experiences they are having with their dogs and share stories which can bring a lot of comfort to other owners. These adventures rotate where they are as to keep enticing people to come out and enjoy, pictures will be posted to our instagram and facebook pages to show the world what Backcountry K-9 Training can do and how we are not a business but are forming a community of dog lovers who want nothing but the best for their dog. So as you can see bella is enjoying some mud and fun in the woods, let your dog come join her! If you are looking for updates on locations and possible weather cancellations check our facebook page.

Dog Hiking trips

Hiking Trips- Dog Walking

We offer a special service at Backcountry K-9 Training as part of our adventure center. While you are at work, we will come and pick up your dog for a hike! This hiking program allows your dog to get he exercise they need and keep you happy at work knowing your best friend is out having a great time. This is not your normal dog walker program, he take your dog to actual parks and keep making them better and better on the trails! For More information Click Here
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