Mountain Bike Dog Training Program

Our One Of A Kind Mountain Bike Dog Training Program!

At Backcountry K-9 Training we are not just dog trainers but also outdoor enthusiast. One of the the passions we have besides dog training is getting clients out in nature with their dogs. Whether that be hiking, biking, or a long walk. Our favorite activity that we see a major difference in our dogs with is mountain biking. The big problem is that many people would love to ride wiht their dogs and have that special experience, but they do not know how to approach it by keeping themselves, their dog, other dogs, other people, and wildlife safe. This lead to the creation of our Mountain Bike Dog Training Program! It is the only program of this nature offered in the entire state of New York And Conneticut. Our Mountain Bike Dog program focuses on the goal of getting owners out their riding with their dog off-leash. THe reason for this is that we have seen a lot of people try to tie the dog to the bike or use a special device. The problem with that is when mountain biking we move at fast speeds in tight turns and corners. If your dog is tied to the bike he can be forced to move at a pace that is too fast or get caught on a branch or tree and send the riding over the handle bars. Without a leash the dog can move in a more natural way as well as maintain safety for the rider. 

Avid Mountain Bikers spend thousands of dollars on their beloved mountain bikes. We know from our love for riding that we spend hours cleaning, maintaining, modifying our bikes for the best ride possible. Only to leave your dog at home and miss out on the fun. Our Mountain Bike Dog Program is 6 weeks at a cost of $800. The program includes:

  • A brushing up of Basic Obedience
  • Training Tools needed 
  • Training plan
  • Longer Lessons
  • Time on the trails

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