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Dog training Danbury CTOur First Dog Training Client in Danbury CT is Champ! Champ’s owners made the smart decision to contact Backcountry K-9 Training after they had reached their breaking point after he bit their child. After hearing about our training process and how we did not ask them to manage their situation, we began Champ’s training in our behavior modification program. Champ presented many issues that where on our list to work with; food guarding, resource guarding, space guarding, dog aggression, comfort in crowds, jumping on people, coming when called. For many other dog trainers in Danbury CT they would be overwhelmed by the amount of modification that had to be done, but we methodically worked to the max of each session to overcome Champ’s issues. Champ is now able to be around other dogs. He has been taught to leave it food when we ask him to “leave it”. He can be walked outside in their nice yard without the fear of him bolting into traffic or running after other dogs and squirrels.

The most important part of the training was teaching Champ that when he began to feel overwhelmed by people or the child to go into his safe place which is his crate and he can relax. This really helped Champ be able to live peacefully in the home. We also worked on not allowing Champ to be put into the position to guard people, whether it was sitting on top of or in front of them. We taught Champ there were clear rules that had to be followed. Champ is such an amazing success story and shows that hard work by a qualified dog trainer and client can have amazing outcomes. We may have forgotten to mention that champ had no food motivation as well, so throwing food at him was not going to solve his problems either but we created fun motivational ways for champ to look forward to each training session.

Dog training Danbury CT KOdi

Meet Kodi! Kodi is a Pomsky who had a bad case of resource guarding. His Guarding had gotten to the point that he was starting to really bite when you tried to take away anything he deemed a resource which was an interesting list. Kodi would guard: rawhide, socks, ping-pong balls, small tennis balls, tissue paper . Kodi’s loving owners did not know how to handle this behavior and so they enlisted our help. Resource Guarding was treated in our 8 week behavior modification program. Kodi is about as smart as they come, he picked up on the training extremely quickly which allowed for us to treat his resource guarding with the “leave it” command. Kodi had to learn that this command was not optional and had to be followed. This allowed Kodi’s parents to come and take whatever object they wanted to and he would simply get it back.

The other main issue with Kodi was he would not come when called every time, he only came when food was present. We tackled that issue as well. I’m pleased to say Kodi has not had an incident of guarding bites since we began training. He is now allowed to be off-leash and truly enjoys his new freedom to strut is show prance. Kodi is another example of a dog who has the ability to even outsmart an unqualified dog trainer which could potentially have made his issues worse. We are so thrilled to be seeing our clients be determined and follow the program to reach their ultimate goals which they thought we impossible.

Dog training Danbury CT Piper

We really do get all the cutest clients for dog training in Danbury CT right?! Meet piper! Piper is one of most interesting and hardest cases to crack. Piper’s loving and extremely dedicated parents contacted Backcountry K-9 Training for basic dog obedience training. Upon evaluation piper was your basic jumpy, mouthy dog. Once we began training piper picked up on the training extremely quickly but it was doing much to curb her behavior. We noticed piper was becoming increasingly reactive to new objects, other dogs, and would put the brakes on whenever you wanted to walk longer then she did or you took treats away and asked her for obedience. We tried every single tool in the dog training world and eventually found the right tool for piper! Being the dog trainer I am it kept me up for 3 nights investigating cases similar to hers.

Suddenly it dawned on me to look back at our evaluation for some clues that maybe we did not explore and WOOOHOOO it became clear. Piper was an extremely ill young puppy with a multitude of health issues when picked up from the rescue. Piper had to be isolated, carried and tended to for most of her young puppy and socializational months. This caused her no stress in her life and what happens when we add minor amounts of stress to a dog with no experience with stressful situations? They overreact and need a lot more work on dealing with these stressful situations. We then began counter conditioning piper to all her fearful stimuli and having her work through her reactivity. She got it! Piper turned the corner and began becoming the dog that her parents always wanted, she was not fearful, she would listen to her commands and could be walked on a loose leash with no pulling. This was one of the best moments to hear the excitement about her new behavior. It always shows that finding a dog trainer who is truly invested in their client will always pay-off.

Are You Ready For The Right Dog Training In Danbury CT?

If these stories have at least peaked your interest in our services please look through our website. We have a plethora of programs that will fit your dogs needs from dog training to dog walking. We are here for our clients and their dogs which is why we offer free evaluation and personalized dog training plans. Feel free to Contact us with any questions or to schedule your evaluation!

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