5 Basic Commands Every Dog Should Know(Not What Your Thinking Of)

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With So Many Different Commands We Can Teach Our Dogs, Which Are the Most Important For Your Dog Training Needs

Lets face it there a ton of commands you can teach your dog like rollover, spin, sit, down, come, shake, paw, the list goes on and on. The most important commands are sometimes passed up on for cooler ones that you can show-off but later regret not teaching your dog them when a behavior arises. In this article we will go through the 5 most important commands your dog should know that you’re not most likely thinking of and how to teach them. So without further introduction let’s get right into it!

  1. Place(pictured above)- This is the most helpful command if you have a dog who is a door dasher or greet guests rudely such as jumping and  mouthing. Place is commands where the dog is taught to stay there until released with a release word. This makes the dog calm down and learn that the more they stay there the more treats they get and they cannot crash the door and run out. Place is taught by running over to the place(mat, bed) and saying place and throwing a treat onto the place. From there the dog continually gets rewarded for staying on place as you increase your distance. Release and let them come off of place. If a dog breaks place start marking your no-reward markers such as “uh-uh” or “no” and send them back to place and they only receive the reward when on the place.
  2. Off- This is one of the most important commands you can teach your dog early. It helps curb a lot of undesirable behaviors such as jumping, counter surfing, being on furniture. This commands means whoever your feet are to get off onto the ground. Whether it be a person, counter, or couch they need to put their feet on the ground. It is taught by getting the dog excited and let them jump on you and give command “off” when they hit the ground they get a treat. Repeat until dog stays on ground. For Furniture say “ok” and let dog on furniture then give command “off” and pull them off and treat when on the ground. Do not treat dog on furniture only treat when on ground and do not let back up without “ok”.
  3. Down- Now this is a command that most trainers and clients want in basic obedience but it is also the command most owners do not follow through on. This is because teaching down requires the most patience. Down is a vulnerable position for dogs which makes it uncomfortable to go into this position. Dogs need to learn this is a good thing and not to force them into a down. Bring treat from eye level down to ground, make sure bottom portion or elbows hit the ground, and then treat. If your dog is not getting it use your leg or something that will be low enough to make then crawl under and naturally go into the down position.
  4. Stay- This is an extremely important command for our dogs. We need our dogs to stay whenever in a down or when we tell them to. It could be because we are in public at a cafe or are inviting people into the home. I teach a non-verbal stay. Which is what I call the stay dance is when the dog is on the platform and in a sit or down treat are given fast to the dog right away and then handler starts moving back and then coming right forward and treating fast and quick increasing distance and coming back quickly like a “dance”. We want the dog to learn that just staying in a position gets them rewarded.
  5. leave it- A very important command that I always teach my dogs is the “leave it” command because it can be life saving for your dog if they are going to ingest something that could hurt them. Place treat into you hand and make a fist, show the dog treats are in your hand. Then say the command “Leave it” and wait for the dog to spot trying to get treats out of hand. Once her stops going for your hand give him the treats from your hand. Repeat many times.

Teaching our dog obedience is the single best investment in your dog. It will help create a more relaxed and fun lifestyle where you can trust your dog to behave and perform their commands. It will ensure safety of your dog and the public who will be around them, even if they are the friendliest dog in town. Remember the key to creating great obedience in your dog is patience do not go too fast and risk confusion. Dogs are like people, we all learn at different speeds and in different ways. Make it fun and enjoyable and you will become a great team!


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