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Optimizing Your Health to Keep Up With Your Dog

By: Sammy Szura   About Me Hello! My name is Sammy Szura and I graduated college with a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics. I am currently enrolled in the required ten-month long dietetic internship to become a Registered Dietitian (RD). Once I complete the… Continue Reading “Optimizing Your Health to Keep Up With Your Dog”

Why We All Need to Accept Muzzles

Muzzles Are Extremely Important For Any Dog Why do I think muzzles are so important for your dog that I decided to write a whole entire article about them? Having your dog get used to wearing a muzzle has so many benefits even for… Continue Reading “Why We All Need to Accept Muzzles”

Creating Calmness In Your Dog

Many dog owners struggle with high energy dogs and think the only solution to their problems is to exercise their dog. Lets face it, even as a dog trainer sometimes we harp on exercise for our dogs. Sometimes that is what we really want… Continue Reading “Creating Calmness In Your Dog”

The Humanization Of Dogs

While our dogs are our best companions, there a major problems with humanizing your dog. Lets face it, we all love our dogs and want to treat them like family. We live in a much more dog-centric time then we ever have in the… Continue Reading “The Humanization Of Dogs”

3 Ways To Improve Your Relationship With Your Dog Today

The first step in any dog training program is to work to improve your relationship with your dog, How can we do that? Everyone strives to have the best relationship possible with their dogs. Some trainers even use that to scare people into one… Continue Reading “3 Ways To Improve Your Relationship With Your Dog Today”

5 Basic Commands Every Dog Should Know(Not What Your Thinking Of)

With So Many Different Commands We Can Teach Our Dogs, Which Are the Most Important For Your Dog Training Needs Lets face it there a ton of commands you can teach your dog like rollover, spin, sit, down, come, shake, paw, the list goes… Continue Reading “5 Basic Commands Every Dog Should Know(Not What Your Thinking Of)”

Is Your Dog Friendly?

Bella Sleeping in her muzzle 1 year ago What may seem like a harmless question creates a multitude of insecurities and reactions for other dog owners. This is the situation, your walking with your reactive dog in a park trying to work on them… Continue Reading “Is Your Dog Friendly?”

All About Dog Exercise

Exercise is so important to the mental and physical health of our dogs! Exercise or lack there of causes so many canine health and behavior problems every year. What most owners do not know is that there are many different forms of exercise and… Continue Reading “All About Dog Exercise”