Why We All Need to Accept Muzzles

Muzzle for dogs

Muzzles Are Extremely Important For Any Dog

Why do I think muzzles are so important for your dog that I decided to write a whole entire article about them? Having your dog get used to wearing a muzzle has so many benefits even for the friendliest dogs. Muzzle training is also extremely important for a rehabilitation program in order to keep people safe and owners relaxed to get results. As a society we need to learn to be accepting of dogs wearing muzzles as well, these dogs are most likely in the process of being rehabilitated. You never know what situation you may need to have a muzzle on your dog for, it could be the vet, a new dog in your home or just for some mental exercise on a rainy day. I always recommend basket muzzles that allow dogs to eat, drink, pant in them.

Make The Muzzle Fun

As I said before, we can even use a muzzle to give our dogs something to do on rainy days for mental exercise, but how do we go about that? The key is peanut butter or cream cheese! Once you get your basket muzzle, Slather the inside of it with your dogs favorite and have them put their mouth in the muzzle and let them go to town. Slowly begin the tighten the muzzle on their head while they are eating the treat and then leave it on until they are done. Do this for a couple of days. Your dog will get a great mental workout figuring out how to get all that deliciousness.

When To Start Without Food

When your dog has had their delicious muzzle on for a couple of days, have your dog begin to wear their muzzle without anything smothered in the muzzle. Try to pick times when your dog will be in a calmer state of mind and have them wear it for a short time, then increase the time as the days go by. The key is that we want your dog to think of the muzzle as being no big deal and they can still do all of their normal activities with it on.

Why Should I Muzzle Train My Dog?

You should truly consider muzzle training your dog for their safety and the safety of others especially if you have a dog who has aggression issues and is in the process of being rehabilitated. Muzzle training is also helpful for many different situations you may encounter in your years with your dog. Most importantly, the muzzle keeps everyone safe, and owners more relaxed which in turn creates a less stressful environment for your dog which leads to success. You can never truly predict what your dog will do, I would rather muzzle train my dog and never need it, then have a situation occur and have to use it negatively in an emergency.

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